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About Wonderfulpie

Hey! Quit stealing my pictures, dude.

Seriously, almost all the words and pictures on this site belong to me, or were lent to me for inclusion here. If you want to use something from this site, I'm easy–going/friendly and I'm sure I'll allow it. Just ask first, please. I'm not eager to sue you.

Or, if you're actually in some of the photos here, by all means help yourself to those. Thanks for looking so damn good.

Text on this site is currently set to display in the order: Georgia, Times New Roman, Times; depending on what you have installed. I originally wanted everything shown in Ray Larabie's ‘Berylium Bold’, but font embedding looks extremely poorly supported among web browsers, and after staring at it for a while, I had to admit it's a little thin to look at as white on black.

If your machine is missing it, pick up ‘Georgia’ at

The site name and links at the top of the page are graphics printed in 'Dominican' by Harold Lohner.

This site was all coded by hand in the freeware editor Matrix Y2K, or — on sadder days (away from home) — Microsoft Wordpad. I currently hate CSS and believe it falls very short of it's goal to be a univeral standard. But that's probably just because I'm clumsy as hell in it and I have to test every little stylesheet change thirty times. I'm still using it in hopes it will get easier.

Everything's been at least looked at in both Explorer and Mozilla, so if it looks all bum on your screen, you've either got too old a browser or I just gave up on perfection with that particular page.

Photo processing and graphics are all generated in an honest–to–goodness legal copy of Photoshop CS, with the photos themselves being streamed off my account at We'll see how that works out.

I'm also referring to everyone I mention by nicknames, especially if they appear in a photo here. I prefer a little privacy myself, so...

You are welcome and encouraged to contact me with comments and especially corrections to my grammar and spelling. Sometimes I find I've been typing with illiterate fingers and wouldn't mind getting those slip–ups corrected. Be advised, however, that I cling to some eccentric preferences in the way I punctuate and capitalize titles, so I may just want it that way. I'm a mixed bag of Canadian and U.S. spellings, but fully within my rights there as a dual–citizen. Good luck changing my mind if you disagree with something I've done intentionally.