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Travelogue: Halifax 2005
INTRO NOTE: Why haven't you installed Google Earth yet? It's an awful damn fun time, looking down on your house from thousands of feet in the air. There's some pretty good resolution satellite imagery of Halifax, so I put some links throughout this travelogue to let you follow along from above. Trust me... it'll be fun.

Inside The City

October 2005. Almost three weeks stay in Nova Scotia, exploring with my pals who had just moved out there in July. They drove 'cross the country in a converted school bus. Why? How would you do it?

Plenty good times. I shot six million rolls of film, as it was my first time that far East and I dug the ocean scenery and 1700's architecture. I'll weed out most of the pics with the tops of people's heads cut off (still learning how to frame closeups with a rangefinder camera). Some photos will grow with a click on.

I guess we'll start by showing you the Halifax harbour on one of the greyer days. It does get sunny there. It's just that it's the coast sometimes.

Wanna see what's across the street from St. Mary's?
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